6 Oct
Eric Berti


This year, the Hong Kong French Film Festival (HKFFF) turns 46.

This year, the Hong Kong French Film Festival (HKFFF) turns 46. The oldest film festival in Hong Kong has been the Alliance Française’s flagship event on the city’s vibrant cultural agenda. The spectators will be offered an exclusive journey through the culture, traditions and landscapes of France with a carefully curated list of movies that wouldn’t have been commercially shown.

We are very excited indeed to invite you to discover this selection of films addressing many issues in French society, be its fight for minority rights, its everlasting appetite for suspense, the sophisticated delight of life in Paris as well as its taste for fine arts. In parallel, the spectators will enjoy a series of masterclasses and Q&A sessions featuring some of the finest French directors, actors and producers.

The HKFFF embraces and reflects the rich diversity of French cinema worldwide. Over the past 15 years, French productions have expanded into different areas on  the international marketplace. Its expertise in animation, thrillers and biopics now matches the dynamism of its renowned dramas and comedies.

Asia has become in 2015 the first regional export zone for French films before Western Europe. Very early on, French cinema has found its way to Hong Kong screens where its audience has been getting larger over the last decade. Many of the 24 French movies bought so far as in November 2017 made their first appearance on the screens through festivals in Hong Kong and Macau such as the Hong Kong French Film Festival.

Hong Kong remains at the crossroads between eastern and western cultures and we would like to seize this opportunity to thank Hong Kong for allowing us to be part of its cultural journey during all these years. See you all at the cinemas to enjoy the films with us!