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  • 19:00, 5th Dec
    Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
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Alice 2016 • 13' • Director: Karine Silla

Alice gave birth in prison. She is an abuser who was once a battered child, and her haunting past keeps her from seeing her baby daughter. She will leave the infant a long monologue full of love as a gift before putting her up for adoption.

Joint Tenants (Colocataires) 2015 • 11'25" • Director: Delphine Priet-Mahéo

Camille's life is ruled by the ring of the alarm clock each morning. Her well-ordered life consists of preparing her cat's meals, and hearing the familiar sound of the automatic till in the store where she works as the cashier. But one day, a man enters her home without her knowing and starts living there during the day while she's at work. Little by little, he will free her from her chains.

My First Analyst (Première séance) 2015 • 10'44" • Director: Jonathan Borgel

Ivan has an appointment with a psychoanalyst for his first session.

Partner (Réplique) 2016 • 18'48" • Director: Antoine Giorgini

Tony was supposed to audition for a drama school today, but his best friend and his acting partner Steven didn't show up. He then failed to find another volunteer that he had no choice but to give up. He has never been so determined that he would not speak to the traitor ever again.

The Amazing Rocambole (Rocambolesque) 2016 • 19'04" • Director: Loïc Nicoloff

In the middle of the 19th century, the young author Ponson du Terrail was confronted by his publisher who stubbornly refused to give him a raise. What else could he do but to re-examine the destiny of Rocambole, the hero of his daily serial?

Veil of Silence (Un grand silence) 2016 • 29'48" • Director: Julie Gourdain

Marianne was nineteen years old in 1968. She has been sent to a home for young girls far from her family and friends. Here she met other girls whose secrets have turned their lives upside down.


Screening followed by a Q&A with the director of My First Analyst, Jonathan Borgel
All films are either in French with English subtitles or in English with English subtitles
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