8 Dec

Hong Kong Solitude by Nicolas Saada

Nicolas Saada came last year to present his movie Taj Mahal, while in Hong Kong he shot this beautiful short movie... Enjoy!

"For almost a year, I took my camera with me everywhere, to film, record… catch.
It was during the presentation of TAJ MAHAL at the French film festival of Hong Kong that I shot these images of the city in December 2015. I was on the streets capturing things on the move.
I had not been to HK since 1991, and at the time the city had impressed me: everything went faster, stronger, more intense than in the western capitals.
But since then, our world has changed, and the surprise of seeing a passerby talking in a cell phone on a Kowloon street in 1991 has become a banal image all around the planet.
So, this time, during this trip, Hong Kong seemed to me less frantic, more melancholic… and even more beautiful.
HK Solitude pays homage to the city, as well as to its filmmakers, whom I have always admired.
Without the enthusiasm of Xavier Mahe, this film would never have seen the light of day.
Without the stubbornness and support of Romain Riviere and Julien Crozet either. Let them all be thanked."
Nicolas Saada

Hong Kong Solitude by Nicolas Saada from InTheFlesh on Vimeo.