26 Oct
Edouard Ettedgui


121 years of cinema since the first ever movie by the Freres Lumiere in March 1895, 70 years of Cannes Festival, and now the 45th edition of our Hong Kong French Film Festival.

The Alliance française de Hong Kong has gone through the history of French cinema for a respectable number of decades, presenting in total more than 1,500 movies and documentaries to a cumulated audience of more than 500,000 people in Hong Kong.

Behind those figures lies the consistent and continuous involvement of our teams, artists, volunteers, partners, and sponsors over the time. I am grateful to them and would like to celebrate and acknowledge them. Those results are also the fruit of the strong diversity of cinematographic art in France and francophone countries, as Art is part of Life, and Life needs Art to express its essence and magnificence.

A survey conducted in 14 countries concluded that French cinema is the most appreciated in the world after US productions. This cinema is celebrated for its esthetics, emotion and intelligence. The excellent image enjoyed by the French cinema worldwide is confirmed in Hong Kong. The acquisition of French films by local distributors has grown steadily in recent years.

Our world has changed a lot through those 45 years, our societies have grown and evolved, and our cinema expresses it hardly, softly, and smoothly sometimes, with joy, pain, laughter, pride, tears, passion, seriousness, serenity, happiness. We find in this expression a mirror to our own society and own lives. This is what makes French cinema so appealing and eternal.

Our very interesting selection this year will bring you to a rich journey through this diversity, with the presence of various artists, amongst them Benoit Jacquot – who is also part of the French cinema retrospective: From Litterature to Cinema that will be held in January. I wish you a wonderful festival!