12 Nov
Mr. Alexandre Giorgini


This year, the Hong Kong French Film Festival is celebrating its 47th anniversary.

The festival is not only the oldest film festival in Hong Kong but it also brings the best and latest films to the region. This French Cinepanorama stands for a promising invitation to immerse yourself in an exclusive journey through French culture, traditions and landscapes. 

French Cinepanorama has been successful in welcoming more and more cinemagoers every year and is increasingly appreciated by the general public. Thanks to the enduring work of its team and supporters, the festival now closely works hand in hand with major local distributors and industry partners. This 2018 edition will thus offer a carefully curated list of movies that haven't been commercially shown otherwise in Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong French Film Festival embraces and reflects the rich diversity of French cinema worldwide. Over the past 20 years, French production has expanded into different areas on the international marketplace. Its expertise in animation, thrillers, and biopics now matches the dynamism of its renowned dramas and comedies. In 2017, France stood as the second biggest film exporter and our box office has doubled worldwide.

While Asia now represents the 2nd largest market for French films after Western Europe, Hong Kong screens have been featuring for a long time a fairly decent number of our movies. Many of the 26 French films theatrical releases of 2017 made their first appearance through major film festivals in Hong Kong and Macau such as the Hong Kong French Film Festival. 

Hong Kong remains at the crossroads between eastern and western cultures and we would like to seize this opportunity to thank Hong Kong for allowing us to be part of its cultural journey during all these years. See you all at the cinemas to enjoy with us the films!