4 Jan

Discover the composers and soundtracks of the Retrospective!

The 2019 Retrospective sheds light on the ties linking Cinema & Music. Since the former's inception, it has been giving music a leading role in enhancing a dramatic effect or creating atmospheres. The Festival would like to highlight the instrumental role of music in contributing to the success of a film.

The 10 films selected this year for the Retrospective have been highly praised for and partly because of their soundtrack. Let us introduce 6 of the composers and their music that have since then become successes on their own.

- Philippe Sarde: with more than 300 partitions for music and films, the composer of The things of life (Les Choses de la Vie) has worked with the biggest names of French and international cinema such as Claude Sautet, Louis Garrel or Roman Polanski. You can find his greatest compositions here.

- Georges Delerue: for him, music is a universal language that allows people to connect together and produces emotions that can influence behaviors. His work is varied and he composed for films such as the Pumpkin Eater or Hibernatus . a long-time favorite of François Truffaut,he composed for many of the latter's films, of which Jules and Jim selected in his honor in the Retrospective programme. Listen to "Le tourbillon de la vie" the iconic song from this timeless French classic here.

- Vladimir Cosma: One of the greatest composers of French cinema, many of his compositions have become independent hits such as Reality from the movie La Boom. Listen to him talking about his career in the talk-show Quotidien here.

- Georges Van Parys: he wrote for cinema but also operettas and cabaret music. The music of this composer is strongly influenced by the group Les Six from which Ravel and Debussy are a part. This year we would like to honor him by showing one of the film he worked on Golden Marie (Casque d'Or). Have a look at the trailer here

- Serge Franklin : this composer, you will have the occasion to meet. Coming from the word of singing and sitar playing, he gradually move on to cinema by his collaborations with Alexandre Arcady on Le Coup de Sirocco and then Day of Atonement (Le Grand Pardon). Find more information here on his presence to Hong Kong.

- Maurice Thiriet and Jospeh Kosma : they both worked during the war with the great director Marcel Carné and writer Jacques Prévert, qualified as a "masterpiece" by Woody Allen :  Children of Paradise. Take a look here.

Listen to the Retrospective playlist to discover the scores from the 10 selected films of this edition!