25 Oct

"At War" and "Little Tickles" awarded at Chicago

Two movies of our selection have been awarded prestigious prizes at the 54th Chicago International Film Festival!

We are proud to announce that two French movies have scored important awards at the Chicago International Film Festival. 

"At War"(En guerre) by Stéphane Brizé was awarded the Silver Plaque for Best Screenplay. His ability to articulate and bring "light to an important political issue which reflects the anxiety of our contemporary society and the precariousness of our livelihood" was underlined by the committee. "At War" is a hard-hitting but subtle story on the consequences of a globalized world economy and relocation of companies carried out by a masterful performance from Vincent Lindon. 

It is the Roger Ebert Award that a second film of our selection, "Little Tickles"(Les Chatouilles) stole at this 54th edition of the Chicago festival! The powerful story of Odette, a dancer whose memories and present actions are continuously and irrevocably shaped by horrific childhood sexual abuse is now internationally acclaimed by several film festivals, and you will get a chance to discover Andrea Bescond and Eric Metayer's work in Hong Kong during the French Film Festival.